What you need to know about Corona Ticker Booster Dosage

In Bangladesh, bovid dose of Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine has been started. All eligible Kovid-19 doses can be taken by this person.

Let’s find out in detail about what is this covid booster dose, who and how to get covid booster dose.

What is the booster dose of Covid or Corona Ticker?

Covid-19 corona virus vaccine has already been received by many people in the country. And Covid-19 or Corona Ticker is being given Covid booster dose to ensure long term durability. A booster dose will be given to those who have already received 2 corona vaccines. This is an additional vaccine that will give more immunity against corona.

Corona vaccine made by three companies / alliances will be given as a booster dose: Pfizer-Bioentech, Moderna and Oxford-Astrojenecar.

Eligible Covid-19 vaccine recipients will be given any one of these three booster doses. However, there is no chance to choose a booster dose. Covid booster dose was given experimentally in Dhaka on 19th December, 2021. These booster doses will be given in accordance with the protocol formulated by the World Health Organization.

Pfizer, Moderna, Cinnofarm, Astrogeneca and Sinovac are currently being vaccinated in the country as first and second doses. As a booster dose, the National Immunization Technical Committee (Nightag) recommends three vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna and Astrogeneca. Any one of the three booster doses mentioned above will be given for any vaccine taken in the first step.

Who will get corona booster vaccine or booster dose?

Initially, two groups of people who have already received two Covid-19 vaccine doses will be able to take Covid booster dose. First of all those who are at the forefront of the fight against covid, such as doctors, various government service officials, prominent people will get covid booster dose. In addition, those over 60 years of age and who have received two coronavirus vaccines will also receive a covid booster dose.

However, only the first two vaccines of Kovid-19 can not be given a booster dose. Covid booster dose can be taken at least 6 months after the initial vaccination of Covid-19. This means that the third dose, i.e. booster dose, can be taken 6 months after the second dose of coronavirus.

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Many people have already taken two doses of the initial coronavirus vaccine. The Covid booster dose can be considered as the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

There is a rule to take the second vaccine one month after the first Covid-19 vaccine. And the third Covid-19 vaccine, i.e. Covid booster dose can be taken at least 6 months after the second vaccine.

How to get Corona Ticker Booster Dose?

Previously, Covid-19 used the safety app to get the vaccine Corona Vaccine Registration Was needed. But there is no registration required to take Covid Booster Dosage.

👉 How to register for Corona Vaccine

Anyone eligible for the vaccine can take Covid Booster Dosage. In this case any one of the three booster doses mentioned will be given. However, in this case, the vaccinator does not have the opportunity to choose the vaccine of his choice. You will receive an SMS to take booster dose on the mobile number with which you have registered for Corona Ticker for the first time. Then you have to go to the vaccination center and get vaccinated.

What you need to know about Covid Booster Dosage

When will the corona vaccine booster dose be given?

Covid booster doses have already started. Messages will reach your phone as soon as possible for those who are fit for booster dose due to their age and work. You can also go to your vaccination center and ask if you want. References: বিডিনিউজ২৪

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