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In terms of messaging, WhatsApp will be the most advanced. WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app on almost all platforms besides Android and iOS.

As it is easy to use as well as being a free app, WhatsApp has a large number of users. And since WhatsApp can be used on any platform, it is possible to send messages from all platforms to all platforms using WhatsApp.

Let’s learn how to open a WhatsApp account in a few easy steps and some basic features of WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp?

It is completely unnecessary to reintroduce WhatsApp. What’s more, WhatsApp is simply a cross-platform instant messaging app that allows you to share unlimited messages, audio, photos, videos, documents, and even location for free.

WhatsApp can be used on any device with mobile data or WiFi connection. WhatsApp is widely used to communicate with family, friends or colleagues.

Text messaging does not cost much internet when using WhatsApp. Exchanging audio, video or pictures can be seen as a cost to the internet using WhatsApp.

Rules for opening a WhatsApp account

Initially, the first two years of sign-up using WhatsApp were free and you had to pay ৯ 0.99 per year from the following year. But later Facebook buys WhatsApp And the app is completely free.

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To open a WhatsApp account, it is important to have some simple things, such as:

  • Smartphone or any mobile device, such as tablet
  • Mobile internet or wifi connection
  • Adequate storage space on the phone, at least 60 MB
  • Mobile number

Now let us know how to open a WhatsApp account. Note that a WhatsApp account can be opened using a mobile number on a phone. To open a WhatsApp account:

  • Access the official website of WhatsApp and for your device WhatsApp download Please
  • Install WhatsApp
  • Log in to WhatsApp and tap on “Agree & Continue”
how to open a whatsapp account 1
  • Then select your country code and enter the number you want to use WhatsApp.
how to open a whatsapp account 2
  • Then you will get an 8-digit PIN in the SMS of the given mobile number
  • The PIN will be automatically verified. If there is no automatic verification, provide the code from WhatsApp to WhatsApp
how to open a whatsapp account 3
  • If you have used WhatsApp before, you will get the option to restore the backup. If you want to restore the backup, tap on “RESTORE”, and if you don’t want to restore the backup, tap on “Skip”.
  • Then enter the name to display on WhatsApp
  • If you want, you can set the profile picture of WhatsApp or you can also skip

If you follow the procedure correctly, your WhatsApp account will be activated.

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Features of WhatsApp

While WhatsApp may seem like a simple messaging app, it is actually full of wonderful features. WhatsApp is currently being used for personal messaging as well as business. Let’s take a look at the features of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp app
  • Free: The best thing about WhatsApp is that it can be used for free
  • Unlimited Messaging: Unlimited text, picture, video, audio messages can be sent anywhere in the world.
  • Free Calls: WhatsApp offers free audio and video calls
  • Group Chat: WhatsApp groups can be used to communicate with friends and family members
  • WhatsApp Web: Scan the QR code of the phone WhatsApp account can be easily used on computer

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  • Auto Detect Contact: When a contact is saved on the phone, the contact automatically detects WhatsApp, so that messaging can be done if you have a WhatsApp account.
  • Sending files: PDF, photos, videos, etc. files can be sent directly via WhatsApp.
  • No international charge: There is no international charge for making calls from one country to another using WhatsApp. The same internet cost for talking to a contact from any place through WhatsApp

👉 Some useful features of WhatsApp that you will find useful

  • End-to-end encryption: WhatsApp’s messaging system is end-to-end encrypted so that no third party can sit in the middle of the network to view messages – even WhatsApp authorities cannot view users’ messages themselves.
  • Fun Features: Emoji, Gifs, Stickers, etc. on WhatsApp make messaging fun

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Do you use WhatsApp? Let us know what you think about WhatsApp in the comments section.

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