How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post 2021

SEO-friendly content is very important to get a good rank in search results. But writing SEO-friendly articles is not an easy task. Writing strong SEO content requires a lot of thinking and technique.

In this post, I will tell you how to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.

SEO helps optimize your entire website and improve website ranking. But Right SEO techniques are very important.

The main purpose of writing SEO Friendly Blog Post is to optimize Blog Post according to the search engine so that the search engines can easily understand your content.

So, let’s get started on how to write SEO-friendly content for a website…

How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post 

A good SEO friendly content greatly influences the search engine ranking of your blog and can take your content to the first page of Google.

What factors are required to write SEO friendly article:

1.DO Keyword research

Keyword research is very important because keyword research is the foundation of SEO.

Without keyword research, you cannot make your content SEO friendly.

If you do not do keyword research while writing SEO content, then your content is completely useless and you are wasting your time. Such content may not rank well in search engines.

Keyword research is very important for writing engaging and SEO friendly articles.

Select keywords related to your competition with low competition and high monthly search.

What are the benefits of Keyword Research:

Keyword research has many benefits. This is very important to increase blog traffic and to get a good rank in search engines.

  • Keyword research helps your blog to gain popularity quickly.
  • If you write your article by doing keyword research, then your site will be able to get target visitors.
  • Helps to increase your website ranking and traffic.
  • Keyword research gives you the idea to write content for your blog.
  • Keyword research shows you the competition and search volume on keywords.
  • By doing keyword research, you can rank important keywords on your blog.
  • The more your posts are ranked in the search engine, your domain authority will increase. Also, the number of backlinks on your site will also increase.


2. Use Related Keyword

Search engines use the words target keywords, related terms, keyword variations, and synonyms to understand your article.

Use related keywords and longtail keywords related to the target keyword in your content. This SEO content writing helps your article to get top rank in search results.

Also, use keyword variations when you optimize blog posts for SEO and Engaging.

If you want good related keywords, use this simple method.

  • Visit google search
  • Type your target keyword
  • Scroll the page, here you can see some good related keywords on people’s previous search.

write SEO Friendly Blog Post

3. Optimize your Title Tags (Headlines)

Title tags play an important role in increasing CTR on content. If you do not optimize it correctly, you lose the opportunity to improve your content capacity.

When search engines crawl your article, they see the title tag. If you optimize it properly then your content will rank well in the search engine.

4. Create SEO Friendly URLs

Always use SEO friendly and short URLs for your blog posts. So that search engines can easily understand your page topic.

Make sure you add the target keyword to your URL. This makes your content, even more, SEO friendly.

Always use this kind of URL

Always avoid such URLs

5. Optimize Meta Descriptions

Title attracts visitor interest and Meta description is a brief overview of your content which forces the visitor to click on your article.

Meta description also plays an important role in increasing the CTR on your content.

Then it is time to write a good meta description.

However, Google does not use it as a ranking factor. But for SEO friendly article, every little thing can help.

Use target keywords and related keywords to optimally optimize meta descriptions. If these keywords are present in the search query, then they become bold which attract the attention of the visitor.

6. Internal linking और External Linking करें

Try internal linking and external linking in your content .

This increases your content value and adds more information for your visitors. Also, search engine crawlers make it easier to understand pages.

This SEO content writing technique shows Google that your article is reliable and well referenced.

7. Use media and optimize it

An image is equal to 1000 words. If you use media in your content, it helps to make your content more SEO friendly.

But the worst thing is that Google cannot read the image. It reads the image based on the alt tag of the image.

Therefore, never forget to add the appropriate alt tag to your image. Apart from this, add targeted keywords to it as well.

This technique helps you to get better rank in image search.

8.Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing makes your article spammy, unnatural and useless. Keep keyword density 1.5% – 2% in your content .

If you believe that keyword stuffing will boost your search ranking, then you are absolutely wrong. This reduces your content ranking even more. Here Google explains about keyword stuffing .

Use related keywords, synonyms and LSI keywords in your content.

9. Content Length

Content length is very important in Google search result. If you write long-form content for your blog, you will get positive results.

SEO Friendly Article

image credit: Seriq

Long-form content performs better in search engines than short-form and thin content.

10. Quality content

Content is king

Quality content attracts both visitors and search engines. But your content should be unique and qualityful.

If you do not write a useful and informative blog post, no one will visit your site.

And you are putting termites on your blog. Such content greatly affects your website ranking. Always try to write good and SEO friendly content for your blog.

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