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From children to the elderly, people who do not know Youtube can not be found. Everyone spends their leisure time playing media as they like. But the objection is that Youtube shows ads every now and then which is very annoying. Sometimes I think it would be great if the video could be played in the background or if the media could be seen while running another app.

How angry are you if Ed shows up while playing a video on Youtube? If you want to solve this problem then this tutorial is for you. Because you will play videos from YouTube but no ads will bother you. At the same time you can play videos in the background and zoom the video by pinching. There are many more unstable features. And the name of the app that we will discuss today is YouTube Vanced, below we will know the details about this app.

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YouTube Vanced কি?

YouTube (Ad)Vanced Is a mode version of the popular Youtube. This mode Youtube app has all the features of YouTube and in addition you will get built-in ad blocking, background playback, many types of themes and much more.

Features of YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced has many shaky features which are discussed in detail below.

Built-in ad blocking

Ad plays an important role in supporting online publications and content creators, but it is also true that many people like me do not like to see this ad. And so YouTube Vanced is the only hope to get rid of this ad because it has built-in ad blocking feature. You can turn the ad blocking feature on and off from the settings if you want.

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Background playback

Using this app you can play any video in the background which means you can watch YouTube and browse other apps at the same time.

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Force HDR mode

The HDR feature in the YouTube app is not supported on all phones, but YouTube Vanced’s Force HDR mode allows you to support any phone. HDR means “High Dynamic Range” and with this feature you can enjoy much better video quality than before.

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Override max resolution

This feature allows you to watch videos of the resolution that is usually disabled on your device.

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Pinch to zoom

Now all phones have a very high aspect ratio, and YouTube videos on such phones are not seen in full skin, but you can easily watch full skin videos using the YouTube Vanced app pinch to zoom feature.

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Toggle casting

This feature allows you to toggle the Google Cast icon. You can also turn off the casting option with Force even if you have your casting device.

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Secondary theme

We all like themes and that’s why YouTube Vanced lets you select the theme of your choice. On the other hand, the official app does not support dark themes but YouTube Vanced supports darker, black and some other color themes but has white color set as the default theme.

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Picture in picture mood

If you have a device with Android Oreo version, you can use Picture in Picture mode in the YouTube Vanced app just like the official YouTube app.

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Video window style

Don’t you like the new YouTube video window when you minimize a video and browse other videos on YouTube? But no worries, with YouTube Vanced you can select new or old video windows.

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Repeat video

This feature allows you to replay a video after it has finished. Also, there is no substitute for this feature for playing any of your favorite videos over and over again.

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Preferred resolution and speed

You can specify your preferred video resolution and playback speed so that whenever you play a video, it will play the video according to your set setting.

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Swipe control

With the swipe control feature you can increase and decrease the volume and brightness. These are very important to set when you are watching a video or you may want to increase / decrease the volume or brightness, especially if you watch the video in full skin.

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How to install YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced The app has released two separate versions for root and non-root users, the following two installation methods are shown below.

Root for mobile

Step 1: Download the file from here.

Step 2: Based on your favorite theme (Dark, Black, White, Pink) and mobile architecture (Learn about your mobile architecture through the Cpu-Z app) Youtube Vanced App Root for Mobile Download from here Please.

Step 3: Once the Youtube Vanced app and file is downloaded, place it in the sdcard / Downloads folder.

Step 4: Uninstall updates to the official YouTube app and disable the Auto Update option from the Play Store (uninstall if you can uninstall the official YouTube app completely).

Step 5 6 Install the file from TWRP Recovery.

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For non-root mobiles

Step 1: Uninstall updates from the official YouTube app and disable the auto update option from the Play Store. Youtube Vanced App Download Based on your preferred theme (Dark, Black, White, Pink) and mobile architecture (learn about your mobile architecture through the Cpu-Z app).

Step 2: Install the YouTube Vanced app just like you would any other app. You may receive a pop-up notification when installing the app because the “Unknown Sources” option is not enabled in your settings, enable it now.

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Step 3: Now, the MicroG app Download Because you can’t log in to your Google Mail without it on a non-root mobile.

Step 4: Once the MicroG app is downloaded, install it.

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Step 5 6 Now, you can log in to YouTube with your Google Mail. You set the theme of your choice YouTube Vanced From the app go to Settings >> Vanced Settings >> Layout Settings.

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How to install YouTube Vanced via Magisk

Step 1: First you need to have Magisk and Magisk Manager installed on your device – how to install Magisk Manager Complete guide Take a look from here.

Step 2: Now, open the app. You will see the menu button in the top left corner, click there.

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Step 3: Select the option and search by typing YouTube Vanced in the search bar.

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Step 4: Now, you will see many Magisk Modules of YouTube Vanced. Download the latest from here.

Step 5 6 Click on the download icon. Now a pop up will ask you if you want to install or download. Select the install button and continue to relax.

Step 6 Magisk Manager will download it and flash the zip file automatically. Now all you have to do is reboot the phone.

YouTube Vanced এর Known Bugs

  1. If you want to buy a premium feature with non-root version, the app crashes. This is because of MicroG but it is done for your security. If you want to buy something, buy it using the official version.
  2. On some devices, ExoPlayer V2 crashes when accessing the app from background playback. However, this is not a bug. The background playback was tested as an experimental feature.
  3. Hangs on I Agree Page in non root version. Details You can report from here

YouTube Vanced How to submit a bug

Steps to report bugs

  1. Search and see if anyone is already reporting on it.
  2. Make sure the bug is actually Vanced’s bug and check that it is not happening on the original YouTube.

Steps to report bugs

  1. Give enough details about your problem.
  2. Get a crash logcat (do a Google search if you don’t know how to get a logcat). Especially if the problem is caused by a crash.
  3. Give some pictures about the problem.
  4. If the report is vague (without providing sufficient information) then such report is ignored. If you do not have your own solution to the problem, the developers will not be able to help you.

YouTube Vanced FAQ

Q: Where is the normal (white) app?
Answer: Each app has a white theme set.

Q: How do I update the app?
Answer: Just download and install the latest app version.

Q: Need to re-install detach script in every YouTube Vanced update?
Answer: No!

Q: Can I install this app normally?
Answer: Only non-root versions can be normally installed.

Q: Can I download videos with this app?
Answer: No! But the official YouTube offline video feature is supported in this app.

Q: The app is installed but the YouTube app is not showing in the launcher, why?
Answer: This problem occurs because you do not use the latest magisk version or installer.

Q: Is PIP mode working?
Answer: Yes, Oreo and later versions are working!

Q: Does background playback download videos?
Answer: No, it does not download. Background playback only downloads audio and costs less data.

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So far today, if you have any questions, just ask at Tunement, Join Tune, Join Tune, and Stay with Techtunes.

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